Biscotti Cup
Our edible Biscotti Cup is a reinvented take on a handmade shortbread cookie. Tastefully paired with your warm beverage or dessert of choice, our secret family recipe holds an espresso or hot chocolate for over an hour without dissolving.

When you've finished your dessert, the softened cookie-shaped cup is ready to eat!
Location of origin
Reggio Di Calabria Italy
Enzo Lungo
Handmade in Italy - The Biscotti Cup is a smooth handmade pastry, made in Italy by hand.

Versatile Pairings - With white and chocolate icing options, the Biscotti Cup tastes great with almost any dessert. Bring a creative surprise to your next party by filling with ice cream, mouse, hot fudge, and more!

Available For Wholesale - The Biscotti Cup is currently available in 4 or 12 packs as well as food service. Each cup is is wrapped individually to maintain over a 12 month shelf life. Whether our customers enjoy in their home or at a restaurant or cafe, the creative possibilities are endless!

All Natural Ingredients - The Biscotti Cup is a quality artisan product made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and with no hydrogenated oils. At Beldolce we are passionate about health and the environment; our products use the highest quality ingredients possible, sourced from Italy.

Biscotti Cup - Recipe Ideas

The Biscotti Cup is served exclusively at Tazzetto Cafes in Long Island, NY. Below are some of the "featured recipes" on Tazzetto's menu:

Hot Chocolate Cup
- A biscotti cup filled with thick Italian Hot Chocolate.
Espresso Cup - The biscotti cup was designed to be the perfect size to hold a 1oz shot of espresso!
Gelato Cup - The biscotti cup is also great for cold desserts such as gelato!
Cannoli Cup - Our creative take on a cannoli: fill the cup with cannoli cream, then add chocolate, cherry or choice of sauce in the middle, then top with whipped cream.
Espresso Hot Chocolate Cup - Half espresso, half hot chocolate
Macchiato Cup - Get fancy with an espresso and steamed milk for a mini-macchiato!

Other Ideas:
Mousse or Cream Fillings
Alcoholic Biscotti Cup Ideas - Your next after-dinner drink could be a biscotti cup filled with Bailey's!