Hand Made
Made In Italy

Biscotti Cup 4 Pack Variety Pack

$ 13.99 USD
A box of four (2 chocolate and 2 vanilla) Edible Biscotti Cups. The Biscotti Cup is a smooth handmade pastry, crafted by artisans in Italy. It is an edible cup made of a shortbread biscotti cookie that makes it both tasty, functional, and durable when filled with almost anything - and when you're done you can eat the entire cup! The cup can hold an espresso, hot chocolate, and other hot desserts for over an hour without leaking.The Biscotti Cup tastes great with almost any dessert. Bring a creative surprise to your next party by filling with ice cream, mouse, hot fudge, and more! The Biscotti Cup is a quality artisan product made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and with no hydrogenated oils. At Beldolce we are passionate about health and the environment; our products use the highest quality ingredients possible, sourced from Italy.