How To Make Pasta, The Italian Way

February 21, 2019

Making Pasta, The Italian Way

We've all been there; we pour the pasta into the pot and our family or friend yells out "no!".

"You didn't break the pasta".
"Did you add salt?!"
"Why did you put oil in there?!"

It seems everyone has their own way of making pasta, and swear to it that it is the right way. So what is the "right way"?

Due to artisan processes, Beldolce’s pasta cooks cleaner, doesn’t break apart, and maintains it’s full flavor when you cook it (unlike other gluten free pastas).

As artisan pasta makers, we will share one of the golden rules for cooking pasta like the Italians; drain the pasta, but never rinse it. You want to keep the starches on its surface, to help the sauce stick to it, and you don’t want to stop the cooking process, which continues until the pasta is plated.