Taste Italy From Your Table.
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At Beldolce, we believe everyone in your family should be able to experience traditional italian cuisine - without any sacrifices. This is why we use 100% Italian-grown corn, sourced according to fair trade principles, and an artisanal process to craft a gluten-free pasta with the same taste and texture as a traditional wheat flour pasta.

Beldolce comes from the combination of the Italian words bella e dolce, “beautiful and sweet”. 

By bringing together families from various regions of Italy that share a passion for making the tastiest and highest quality foods, you can experience Italy from your home without any of the travel.

What’s more beautiful than that?

Growing up in Calabria, Italy and moving to the US, the biggest cultural difference was the passion for food. Beldolce was founded with the excitement of sharing culinary experiences that most people would never be able to have unless they visited Italy. At Beldolce, we value tradition, which is inextricably linked to family. We bring together families from various regions of italy that use the finest Italian ingredients to create the tastiest and highest quality speciality foods. We hope that sharing these artisan recipes will help preserve the traditions for generations to come. We guarantee that our  gluten-free pasta is so good, you won’t find one better anywhere else (except maybe our town in Italy).

Penne & Fusilli 4-Pack elegant render of the front of the box
Beldolce's gluten free pasta taste's amazing and is made with one ingredient - it's that simple. Made with 100% Non-GMO, organic corn, this pasta promises a texture and flavor unparalleled by any other gluten-free pastas. Now available in Fusilli and Penne cuts.
Milano, Italia
After the Pallari family discovered that the youngest sister was a celic, they went to every store to completely replace their pantry. But none of the products tasted the same, and the family didn’t want anyone to be left out of something as important to Italians as food. The Pallari family started making pasta and developing the recipes with other local artisan producers. We were on a mission to make a gluten free pasta that cooks and tastes like regular pasta. Turns out we found it.
Penne & Fusilli 4-Pack elegant render of the front of the box