About Us
We’re a team of food lovers who have built a business to share our Italian heritage with the world.

Beldolce comes from the combination of the Italian words bella e dolce, “beautiful and sweet”. What is more beautiful than a family business dedicated to sharing the foods and drinks of our childhood growing up in Italy?

At Beldolce, we value tradition, which is inextricably linked to family. We bring together families from various regions of Italy that use the finest Italian ingredients to create high quality, tasty, speciality foods. We hope that sharing these artisan recipes will help preserve the traditions for generations to come. 

Why We Do What We Do

Our Values

One of our biggest values is traditional artisan processes and culinary foods. Our products all have years of history behind them and we aim to keep it that way.
We take into account the environmental impact of every decision, from our packaging materials to the design of our products in order to minimize our impact.
We focus on selecting only the best tasting products, and have a team of master pastry chefs in Italy; they hold us to very high standards.
All our products are made us ing the highest quality ingredients, grown in Italy.
Innovation means "into the new". We plan to use innovation to be able to bring the old into a new generation and help preserve it.
We work together with our own family, as well as other family businesses across various regions of Italy.